How to clean your Classic Mylo?

How to clean your Classic Mylo?
If it is necessary you can gently clean the fabric, but be careful! Seeds must be stay dry! Shake down all the seeds to the bottom of the Mylo and wash only the empty part of the pillow (hand wash only) then dry it well. Use a hair dryer. When the half of the Mylo is clean and fully dry, repeat the same process on the other side of the pillow.
I know it is a bit sticky, but thanks God now you can choose almost every Mylo with a washable cover.

Want the fragrance more intensive?

Ground the filling well with your fingers. In this way as the seeds gently crush the small dried flowers of the herbs, suddenly you can enjoy the healing fragrance more intensive.

How to clean your Washable Mylo?

Just take the filling pad out and gently hand wash the cover. When it is clean, dry it and may use an iron to get back the original shape of your Mylo.

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